Fired Up Technologies – The Brighouse based firm harnessing interactive gaming technology to promote physical activity

Fired Up Technologies are an established name within the Family Entertainment market in the UK. Supplying the UK market with interactive gaming products for the best part of a decade. We sat down with some of the Fired-Up Tech team to learn about how the business has evolved over the last nine years.

The Beginning of Fired Up Tech

2011 was when it all began for Fired Up Tech, high school friends and ex-colleagues Dave Wolfenden and Gary Holmes teamed up to establish their own audio-visual technology company. Dave and Gary both had vast experience within the sector due to their time working as a Lead Designer and Install Manager respectively for some of the UK’s leading audio-visual companies.

Over their first two years in business they were able to use their industry networks and win contracts predominantly within the education and professional service sector.

Brighouse High School, where company founders Dave Wolfenden and Gary Holmes met and became friends.

The Trampoline Park Boom and Interactive Gaming

After five years of operating Fired Up Technologies were able to establish themselves as a specialist supplier for Trampoline Parks for lighting, audio, display and interactive gaming technologies gaining huge experience within the family entertainment and leisure sector.

Due to their reputation within the industry Fired Up Technologies have become the go to supplier for the UK market for numerous interactive gaming products such as Valo Climb­­­­­­­, Valo Jump, SimVisionVR, Interactive Bowling and Ludus Interactive Wall.

Since becoming the UK re-seller for these interactive products, the company has seen revenues increase by 30%. Their suite of interactive products has proved popular as they motivate people to become more physically active through having fun.

The concept of using gaming technologies to motivate people of all ages and abilities to participate in physical activity has become more and more relevant as generations become more native to digital technology and live more sedentary lifestyles.

Ludus Interactive

Ludus Interactive

One particular supplier that Fired Up Technologies have recently started re-selling products for into the UK market aims to tackle the challenge of inactivity head on.

Ludus Interactive is a technology product development company who specialise in offering a range of interactive technologies all aimed at encouraging people to be more physically active through using interactive gaming. Ludus Interactive launched their product catalogue with their projection based interactive wall and have since gone on develop an outdoor LED version of the product as well as beginning to develop a full interactive LED gaming floor.

The Invention of Interactive Wall Technology

The concept of interactive wall technologies has actually been around for over 25 years.

With the initial developments starting in 1995 by ex-miner and businessman Pete Oliver from Wigan. Whom is responsible for the world’s first interactive wall for sports training and gaming. The product was originally named “SoccerSquash” aimed to harness sports and present them in a controlled and accessible manner.

Pete, who admits to having no technical skills but has a logical mind used this to design and developed the whole concept, even envisaging in his mind video tracking being sure it would be available somewhere.   He then enlisted professional help to bring it to life and was introduced to Dr Kevin Doughty of North Wales with his guidance a fully working prototype was developed and a patent was granted.  The invention was also one of five winners of an annual Smart Award in Wales.  This gained a £25,000 grant used by Pete and his team to partially fund the prototype.

SoccerSquash, Alpha Business Communications c.1998 (colourised)

Dan Edley (L) of Fired Up Tech with Pete Oliver (R), inventor of the world’s first interactive wall for sports training and gaming.

Leading the way in the UK market

Unfortunately, after years of trying to make SoccerSquash a commercially viable proposition Pete was unable to gain traction with his new technology. Fast forward to today and know Fired Up Technologies are paving the way for this technology in the UK market through the provision of the Ludus Interactive Wall.

After just six months of being the exclusive re-seller of Ludus Interactive products Fired Up Technologies have successfully installed eight Ludus Interactive Wall units at a variety of venues including Park Deane Resorts and Holiday Parks and Eureka The National Children’s Museum.

David Wolfenden of Fired Up Technologies commented:

One of the main issues we face today is making physical activity more accessible and engaging for younger generations. Ludus Interactive harnesses cutting-edge gaming technologies to innovate traditional sports and make physical activity a fun experience for all ages and abilities, that can’t be replicated at home via a handheld device.

Fired Up Tech Image Gallery

We’re excited to announce that Ludus Interactive will be at KBC 2020!

The KBC 2020 organisers are teaming up with Brighouse-based Fired Up Technologies to profile the importance of workplace well-being and how promoting an active lifestyle will keep your employees in work and happy.

Ludus Interactive is an exciting and clever bit of tech that is a testament to the innovative business landscape of West Yorkshire. Workplace well-being is of growing importance, the STADA Health Report 2019 indicated that overall 1 in 2 Brits experience burnout with 2 in 3 experiencing it in the 18-34 demographic. It will be great to see all delegates ‘cut-loose’ and enjoy the Ludus Interactive experience, whilst also becoming more aware of mental health in the workplace.

-Rory Bourke, Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.